Articles written for the Commons magazine

A collection of articles written for The Commons, SU's online magazine, by SU Grounds  IPM coordinator, Janice Murphy.  You'll find reflections here on various topics related to the natural world.

Water, water.... 

A look at how SU contributes to "Green Stormwater Infrastructure"

Capitol Hill EcoDistrict

SU's involvement in this groundbreaking effort to support deep sustainability in our neighborhood

The Pollinators' Gift

How we depend on pollinators for at least one third of our food

Seeds of Change

Growing your food as an act of consciousness

Garden Legacy

Some early history of the SU landscapes

Autumn Leaves

Not an inconvenient nuisance, these are a rich resource for soil building

Land of Plenty

Examining our broken food system's culture of waste

Care of the Soil

Musings on the importance of preserving soil

Necessity of Life

What drought looks like in a changing climate

Our Significant Trees

A look at some of our most beautiful assets

Seeing a Different Kind of Beauty

Changing our perceptions about landscape practices

Catching up with Ciscoe April 2014

Former Grounds manager, Ciscoe Morris, comes to campus

Planting our Way to Tree Campus USA

Students engage in creating a tree legacy on campus 

A Sense of Place

Reflections on the gifts from the Vi Hilbert Ethnobotanical Garden