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Multitasking Simplified

Our flexible schedules, affordable tuition and faculty support make it easier for graduate students juggling school, work and family. At SU, it’s all about teamwork.

Student Profile

Annie Laird, '18

Master of Nursing, Midwifery Specialty
College of Nursing

Once a Naval officer. Now a mother. Soon to be a midwife. Annie Laird, ’18, is clearly not afraid of long hours, high pressure, or sleep deprivation. Trained by the U.S. Navy to operate ships, maintain weapon systems and lead sailors, Laird spent 12 years at sea. But she saw her path unfolding elsewhere. Through the experience of several difficult pregnancies, Laird felt the calling to be a midwife. Her own midwife cautioned “It’s a lifestyle. Be sure it’s right for you.” To test the waters, Laird worked as a doula in Bahrain where her husband, also career Navy, was stationed. Now enrolled in Seattle University’s Master of Nursing program, she looks forward to soon providing midwifery care to patients of all socioeconomic levels.

Student Profile

Paul Kelly, '18

Master of Social Work
College of Arts and Sciences

Sometimes stepping away can be just what a person needs to see things in a new light. That’s what Paul Kelly discovered when he sought a change after 14 years as a social worker. It turns out, he just needed a new perspective—one he found in Seattle University’s Master of Social Work program. The master’s degree taught him about the root causes of the poverty he had witnessed firsthand as a social worker. Now Kelly is considering how he could become a change maker who can help reduce poverty and homelessness.