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Samantha Garrard, '16, '17

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Fresh out of college, Samantha Garrard appeared to be headed for a career in public policy or government work- with a bachelor's degree in public affairs and an internship with Sen. Patty Murray to her credit. But first, she wanted to round out her skill set. Seattle University's Bridge MBA was the perfect opportunity. The one-year program broadened more than Garrard's knowledge- it broadened her way of thinking. Now working for a nationally recognized health care company in Seattle, she credits Seattle U's small classes and personalized teaching for helping facilitate her success.

Samantha Garrard, '16, '17 Bridge MBA
Sukhman Ghumman, '16

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Life has a way of throwing curve balls- sometimes of the best kind. Sukhman Ghumman had been a software engineer in India for four years with dreams of becoming a manager. During a vacation to the United States a conversation ensued between her grandmother and her future mother-in-law. Next thing Ghumman knew, she was married to a childhood friend and living in Seattle. Here, she took advantage of Seattle University's Master of Software Engineering program- in addition to what her new city and vibrant campus had to offer. Today, as a manager at Bluetooth headquarters, Ghumman has fulfilled her career goal and so much more.

Sukhman Ghumman, '16 Master of Software Engineering
Daniel Chavez, '17

Alum Profile

Daniel Chavez, ’17, is a true teacher. Proud of his Mexican-American heritage, Chavez is among a minority of teachers of color in Washington state’s public schools. At a high school in North Seattle, he is turning his minority status into a teaching moment by sharing his successful immigrant story to educate and inspire all students. A recent graduate of Seattle U’s Master in Teaching (MIT) program, Chavez lauds MIT’s social justice principles and professors who model exemplary teaching. His larger vision is to inspire students of color to aspire to higher education and be a role model for all students who have had little contact with people of color in leadership roles.

Daniel Chavez, '17 Master in Teaching