Meeting Summary for September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

Scott McClellan provided the reflection reading Pope Francis’ Sept. 1, 2019 letter on Care for Creation.

Willows Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed its two-day retreat. The brief sharing of divisional goals was helpful; the Cabinet will take time during a future Cabinet meeting to look more deeply at these. Michelle Clements recommended that the Cabinet take more time on what it means to lead through change.

Enrollment Update: Melore Nielsen shared that FTIC enrollment numbers are steady; first year to second year retention numbers are remaining strong; graduate numbers are a concern across the schools. A more in depth update will be shared during next week’s Cabinet meeting.

Willows Lightning Round: Three brief items were not reviewed at Willows: Strategic Plan Communications, Diversity & Inclusion Cabinet Commitment for 19-20, and Fall Calendar. Strategic Plan Communications: Cabinet discussed briefly how best to update the campus community on the work of the SPSC over the summer and next steps for the fall. Upon Board approval, it needs to be determined how best to share the strategic plan with the campus community. D & I Commitment: Natasha Martin spoke with the Cabinet regarding her work plan for the coming year, focusing on how the Cabinet applies its learning in a holistic way. This coming year is important because of the visible work undertaken during AY18-19; it’s important to build on this as a leadership team. Discussion followed and Natasha will confirm a work plan. Fall Calendar: Anne Moran shared a list of events/meetings taking place through the fall quarter.

Board of Trustees Agenda Review: The Cabinet reviewed the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting on September 12. The Board Book will go to trustees at the end of the week.

Updates: The last SPSC will meet one more time before the September Board to finalize the draft document. Michael Podlin has a new admin coordinator, Erin Norris. Admissions counselors are on the road visiting high schools. Danika Ham’s (HR recruiter) replacement, Brittney Marzest, was hired; she was previously with Nordstrom. Service Day is Friday, September 6; 200 volunteers will work at 13 sites.