Meeting Summary for September 24, 2019

September 24, 2019

Alvin Sturdivant provided the reflection.

Board of Trustee Meetings (Committee and Board): Fr. Sundborg reviewed for the Cabinet the framework of the Board of Trustees committees and the role that each Cabinet member may have as liaisons to their respective committees. Cabinet members then shared a brief update as to their meeting and possible work plan for the year ahead. The Cabinet then debriefed the full Board meeting, pleased with the trustee engagement.

Strategic Planning: Fr. Sundborg updated the Cabinet on the process forward with the Strategic Plan. Having met with the SPSC, he received a draft document from Bob Dullea and Jen Marrone outlining the strategy, vision and goals. Ongoing revisions will be made and the Cabinet will receive a draft of the document in advance of the Oct. 1 Cabinet meeting. Discussion followed.

Welcome Week Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed the many Welcome Weekend events as new students arrived on campus. Students were engaged and had a positive experience. With the integration of Academic Affairs and Student Development, there is an opportunity to look at program the holistically and to consider how the many facets of the welcome and orientation come together.

Jesuit School Network Meeting Debrief: Provost Martin serves on the board of the Jesuit School Network that oversees the secondary and pre-secondary Jesuit schools in the US. He briefed the Cabinet on the recent meeting he attended, sharing the pressing issues that the schools are facing and the interest in strengthening the relationship between the network and Jesuit higher ed. institutions.

Updates: In working with the VP and CFO, Campus Services will be overseen by the Office of the EVP beginning on Monday, Sept. 30. The public campaign launch went well and feedback has been strong; guest cultivation strengthened opportunities for new campaign gifts. The Involvement Fair for students is Oct. 1 beginning at 11 a.m.; Cabinet members are encouraged to stop by. Mass of the Holy Spirit is Thursday, Oct. 3. ITS is providing a pop-up help desk in the Library for the next few weeks to help students with tech issues. Ijeoma Oluo, the author of the common text will be on campus Oct. 15; Cabinet will have a session with her; additional details to follow.