Meeting Summary for September 17, 2019

September 17, 2019

Michelle Clements provided the reflection reading an excerpt from a student blog (non-SU) about beginning college.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management: Chris Van Liew introduced Jerry Vergeront, Director of Cybersecurity and Risk. Jerry has been with the university since the early spring and has been assessing, identifying and working to mitigate the university’s ITS risk. Mr. Vergeront provided a summary of the ITS Cybersecurity team’s management in a number of areas (Security Program, Asset and Application Security, Network Security, Vulnerability Management, Account Management, User Security and Incident Response), outlining the immediate actions needed as well as a long-term plan for addressing the risk in these categories. He shared his philosophy that security is part of everyone’s responsibility – not simply ITS’s. His team is beginning to shadow areas throughout campus in order to better understand and augment the work done by departments/divisions.

Strategic Planning: Jen Marrone, co-chair of the SPSC, joined Cabinet to debrief the discussion on Strategic Planning with Trustees during the Board meeting on September 12. Discussion followed; Fr. Sundborg will be joining the SPSC on Wednesday, Sept. 18 to consider the process forward in advance of the November Board meeting. The Cabinet thanked Ms. Marrone for her continued leadership with the university’s next strategic plan.

Board of Trustees Meeting Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed the Sept. 12 Board meeting. The Cabinet will debrief the Board committee meetings at its next Cabinet meeting on Sept. 24.

President’s Welcome and Opening Week: The Cabinet reviewed the upcoming events related to Move-in/Welcome Weekend.

Updates: The Cabinet was debriefed on the College of Ed meeting. Natasha Martin distributed the first Office of Diversity and Inclusion annual report; she was thanked for the impressive work on the report.