Meeting Summary for October 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

Michael Podlin provided the reflection.

United Way Campaign: The co-chairs for the 2019 United Way campaign, Ariel Rosemond and Alex Romagnolo, updated the Cabinet on the October 31 launch of the annual campaign which will run through Nov. 15. The university webpage was shared, highlighting the personal stories of why SU colleagues support United Way. The co-chairs were thanked for their leadership and commitment. Cabinet members were encouraged to participate by making their own contributions.

FY20 Budget: The Cabinet reviewed the proposed way forward in re-balancing the FY20 budget. The small budget-working group made its recommendation to the Cabinet on moving forward with the proposed adjustments; Cabinet approved the proposal for the FY20 budget, noting that the work ahead for the FY21 budget will be challenging. 

Campus Events Debrief: The Cabinet discussed briefly the continued campus conversations taking place in response to the Planned Parenthood decision. The Cabinet discussed the learnings from this and the educational opportunities going forward for the campus community. The Academic Assembly’s motion asks the Provost to take the lead on five recommendations.

EAB Exercise: Provost Shane Martin asked the Cabinet to take a few minutes to evaluate and rank a matrix created by EAB. The matrix sheets will be compiled along with those from the Deans; results will be shared during the Cabinet & Deans meeting on Nov. 7.

Updates: The FQ Red Talk is today, Tuesday, Oct. 29 and will be given by Alvin Sturdivant. The Benefits Fair is Thursday, Oct. 31. Searches are moving forward for the CoEd and the VPEM positions.