Meeting Summary for November 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

Melore Nielsen provided the reflection.

Strategic Plan: Fr. Sundborg provided the Cabinet a close to final version of the strategic plan for review, asking for feedback in response to three questions: 1. Do you endorse this document as a whole; what do you see are its strengths and weaknesses? 2. How do you see these strategic directions most of all as a guide for Seattle University; what would you highlight as being the most helpful? 3. Are there any particular items in the strategic directions document that you would recommend be changed or adjusted? Discussion followed and Fr. Sundborg will make final edits to the document that will be proposed to the Board of Trustees for approval on Nov. 14.

Red Talk Updates: VP for Diversity and Inclusion Natasha Martin shared with the Cabinet a report on the success of the inaugural Red Talk program which launched during the 2018-19 academic year with three faculty talks and one student series. The professionally edited videos offer an opportunity for broader distribution. The Cabinet was also briefed on a meeting with the chief diversity officer from Microsoft, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre. Wilson Garone was acknowledged for his assistance in setting the meeting.

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda Review: The Cabinet discussed briefly the agenda for the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting.

Campus Spaces: Lactation Rooms & Baby Changing: VP for HR Michelle Clements updated the Cabinet on an issue related to the lack of baby changing stations and lactation rooms. Currently there are four lactation rooms on campus – two rooms available to all faculty staff and students and the other two have limited access. The Cabinet discussed options to increasing this number; Wilson Garone will inquire with Facilities what might need to be done in order to improve the number of options.

Updates: Educating for Justice program is scheduled for Nov. 12th, 12:30-2 p.m. in STCN 160.  Homecoming Weekend is this week with 34 events scheduled