Meeting Summary for May 5, 2020

May 5, 2020

Reflection: Michelle Clements provided the reflection reading a May Day poem Of Saturdays Made Holy by the Ireland’s president, Michael Higgins. 

Board of Trustees Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed the Board meeting from Wednesday and Thursday, April 29-30. The Wednesday session, which focused on academic affairs, indicated to the trustees the complications of the many issues. To address concerns related to the Academic Program Review, it was suggested the provost send a letter to trustees providing greater detail on the process. The Thursday session was strong and the trustees were deeply engaged in the financial scenarios topic. 

CARES Act Disbursements to Date and Proposal: The Cabinet discussed the disbursement of the second half of the CARES Act funding. Following a discussion on how the $1.8M should be disbursed, it was decided that since the ED guidelines have not been finalized, a final recommendation would come forth at the next Cabinet meeting.

Task Force Fall Reopening 2020: Tim Leary and Shane Martin debriefed the work of the task force to date. The task force has established an academic continuity working group (led by Bob Dullea) and an out of classroom working group (led by Alvin Sturdivant) as well as the ops group that has been meeting to address the infrastructure issues related to students, faculty and staff as they return to campus.