Meeting Summary for March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

Scott McClellan provided the reflection, sharing an audio recording of Joseph Lowery, a minister and colleague of Martin Luther King, Jr, who passed away March 27. 

COVID-19 Response Plan: The Cabinet discussed at length a draft of the proposed organizational structure for responding to the various and urgent issues related to the COVID-19. Tim Leary and Chris Van Liew will work on a final draft to share with Cabinet on Friday, April 3. 

SQ20: Wilson Garone provided an update on the impact and forecast for SQ20. 

Updates: Wilson Garone and Tim Leary continue to talk with Chartwells about its response to its employees at this time. Wilson Garone and Mary Petersen have been working with Vi Hilbert and Douglas groups on ways to provide rent relief to students. The Strategic Directions meeting scheduled for April 15 will proceed as planned via Zoom. The Cabinet and Deans will meet on April 9 and April 23.