Meeting Summary for June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020

Reflection: Mary Petersen provided the reflection, reading a poem written by Claudia Rankin titled Weather. 

Cabinet Retreat Debrief: The Cabinet spoke at length about the important and necessary conversation during its retreat on Black Lives Matter, systematic racism and how, as a campus community, Seattle U moves ahead with clear actions based on recommendations from the BSU and others. 

Cabinet & Deans Meeting: The Cabinet and Deans will meet on Wednesday, July 8 from 2 – 4 p.m. The Cabinet discussed possible agenda items. The planning group will meet next week to discuss further. 

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda: The Cabinet reviewed the proposed July 14 meeting agenda, adjusting the segments to allow time for Trustees to discuss the University Response to Racial Discrimination. The agenda also includes Plans for Reopening AY20-21, FY21 Finances, and an Executive Session. 

Extension of Vacation Accrual: Cabinet agreed with a recommendation that those who have vacation days in access of the carryover policy will have until December 1 to use those days. There had been an extension to Sept 30 from June 30. 

Updates: The Governor’s Office announcement on the guidelines for institutions of higher ed. to reopen is expected in the next day or two. HR will be sending out a confirmation of the FY21 holiday schedule. An Instructional Continuity message to faculty is expected by the end of the week. A parking plan for staff and faculty as they return to work was shared, including the plan for an increase in the number of days to park on campus for Orca Pass holders from five to 10 days. Those who choose to drive to campus can either reactivate their parking permit (i.e. $120/month for annual pass) or pay for parking on a daily basis ($8/day) if they will work a hybrid schedule. The Cabinet was updated by the Provost’s Office on a personnel issue.