Meeting Summary for January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020

Shane Martin provided the reflection.

Staff Council Leadership Team: The SU Staff Council Leadership (Leann Wagele, Katie Bowler and Erin Beary Andersen) updated the Cabinet on the work of the council in the last year; March 1 is the one-year anniversary of the council.  The leadership team commented on highlights from the last year and presented feedback from a recent staff survey. SU staff desire to be part of a community, want to feel like their work is part of something bigger. The Staff Council hopes to collaborate with other campus groups to pursue these priorities. Feedback from Staff representatives to the Board of Trustees committees has been positive. The leadership was thanked for their commitment, their work with the Council, and look forward to further reports.

Budget Advisory Group: The Budget Advisory Group provided a brief update on their meeting from earlier in the morning. FY20 mid-year and FY21 work continues.

Cabinet & Deans Meeting Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed the Cabinet & Deans meeting on Monday, Jan 27 discussing the structure and set-up of the meeting, the takeaways and outcomes, as well as next steps. Michelle Clements, Alvin Sturdivant and Kristen Swanson will continue to plan the remaining Cabinet & Deans meetings through the end of the academic year with a focus on leadership.

Updates: A notification regarding Coronavirus will be sent to students and parents outlining the university’s response to the outbreak. Sullivan Leaders Day was a big success with 380 students participating. Educating for Justice is Tuesday, Feb 4. The 911-call change has been made to the university’s phone system; it is no longer necessary to dial 9 before 911. Fr Steve will be attending the ICW President’s meeting on Thursday; on Friday he will be in Washington, D.C. for the ACCU and AJCU meetings.