Meeting Summary for February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020

Tim Leary provided the reflection, reading Lesson 21 from The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children and Yours.

Repositioning Communications and Next Steps: The Cabinet discussed at length the importance of continued communication with the campus in regards to the FY21 budget process and the university’s repositioning. A message from the Provost will be sent to the Academic Affairs Division to offer clarity on the process. Discussion followed on the consideration of establishing a change management team. Chris Van Liew and Mary Petersen will meet to discuss this further.

Strategic Plan Implementation: Bob Dullea shared with the Cabinet a draft of the Strategic Planning Council’s Initiatives and Working Groups, which outlines the initiatives, the charge for each working group, and respective processes.

Redhawk ID: Mary Petersen and Chris Van Liew updated the Cabinet on the repurpose and rebrand of the current reference of student ID to SeattleU ID. This will also include faculty and staff IDs.

Updates: Educating for Justice is today, Tuesday, Feb 4. Fr Steve will provide a debrief at an upcoming meeting on his attendance at the ICW, AJCU and ACCU meetings. The International Dinner was a big success. The Winter Involvement Fair was well attended. Chris Van Liew provided a brief update on the computer refresh process.