Meeting Summary for February 25, 2020

February 25, 2020

Michael Podlin provided the reflection. 

Cabinet & Deans Feb. 24 Meeting: The Cabinet debriefed the Cabinet & Deans meeting which was Monday, Feb. 24. Wilson Garone was thanked for leading the in-depth discussion on the financial repositioning and the proposed 5-year financial plan. The Cabinet also discussed the Forum/Listening Session which was on Feb 18. Discussion followed regarding the continued need to share with the campus community the case for change. 

President’s Forum: Fr Sundborg asked for the Cabinet’s recommendations as he prepares for the March 5 quarterly forum.

Budget Advisory Group: The BAG continues to meet. In its last meeting, the BAG looked at four areas: budget planning dates, principles guiding decisions, push costs, and proposals to help with change management. 

Updates: ITS: In response to the concern raised at the listening session/open forum about re-registration, it was explained that as the university released a block of students, the system would have a “seizure”, or lag. Fr Steve will be attending the province presidents and board chairs meeting at LMU; the Winter Quarter Presidents Forum is March 5; the WAC Tournament is March 11-14; Mission Day will focus on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Cabinet is invited to do outreach to perspective students. March 5 decisions will go out to students. Melore Nielsen will share names of students with Cabinet for follow-up. Alumni event in Bellevue tonight, Feb 25, and one on Feb 27 in Tacoma; the LA was very nice and well attended. The Staff Council has brought forth to Fr Steve three additional awards for staff; further details will be shared later. Crosscut is organizing. A group will convene to discuss the coronavirus and response in case the situation worsens, effecting university. Educating for Justice is Tuesday, March 3; the topic is Belonging: What Can We Learn about Inclusion from Historically Black Colleges and Universities? Hall of Fame event went well; the Presidential Search Committee had its first meeting.