Meeting Summary for August 20, 2019

August 20, 2019

Following a three-week break, Cabinet reconvened; Shane Martin provided the reflection. Wilson Garone was formally welcomed to the university as CFO.

Messaging Framework for the Academic Year: Scott McClellan shared a draft of the Guidance on University Priorities for the AY19-20, outlining a theme as well as the context and urgency of the university’s priorities. The Cabinet and Deans will review this document further during a joint meeting on August 27.

Upcoming Cabinet & SPSC Session: Bob Dullea provided an update on the work of the SPSC since the Cabinet last met with the committee on July 23. He outlined the proposed format for the meeting on Aug 21, which includes an opportunity to provide further feedback on the Strategic Plan Working Document, begin to fine-tune the goals, and identify the priorities of the plan. The Cabinet will have an additional session with the SPSC on Aug 27. A draft of the plan will be shared with the Board of Trustees in September.

President’s Welcome: The Cabinet determined that the annual President’s Welcome on Friday, September 20 will be in Campion Ballroom from 9-11 a.m. The Office of the EVP manages the planning for the event. The Cabinet discussed how to highlight the Global Climate Strike (also on Sept. 20). Vacation photos should be submitted to MarCom for the slideshow.

Willows Agenda: The Cabinet reviewed the proposed agenda for the Aug 27-28 meeting at Willows.

University Dog Policy: In response to concerns raised by community members (affiliate and non-affiliate) regarding dogs off-leash, a small group will convene to review the current policy so that the university continues to be a safe, welcoming, as well as a dog-friendly campus.