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Meeting Summary for April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Shane Martin provided the reflection. 

State of the Undergraduate Student Survey (SUSS): SGSU president Azrael Howell and freshman representative Marrakech Maxwell shared with the Cabinet the results from the annual SUSS. There were seven subject areas students were asked to respond to in the survey; the top four areas reported on included Campus Climate, Sexual Misconduct Resources & Reporting, Student Finances, and Budget Transparency. Under each focus area, SGSU provided commitments it was making in response to the areas of concern and also made recommendations for the university administrators to consider. There were 916 student respondents to the survey. Discussion followed on how the survey questions are drafted. The SGSU representatives were thanked for presenting and will Cabinet will consider the recommendations. The SUSS will be shared with the Trustees on May 9.

Faculty Staff Headcount: Michelle Clements shared with the Cabinet data compiled on the faculty and staff headcounts at AJCU and Peer 11 institutions, reporting both part-time and full-time faculty and staff.

Undocumented Student Requests: Alvin Sturdivant provided the Cabinet with an update on requests made by students regarding DACA. Students have requested dedicated meeting space, a staff person to assist with DACA student needs as well as providing further training and development of faculty and staff in this area. Alvin Sturdivant is in the process of determining if there is space conducive to meeting the needs of students. A current position in the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) will be responsible for supporting the needs of DACA students, and Natasha Martin is working to create further opportunities for faculty and staff to be responsive and in dialogue on this important issue.

Meeting Debriefs: Fr Sundborg briefed the Cabinet on the ICW and USF meetings he recently attended.

Allocation for Cherry Street Market: The Cabinet approved funding from the annual capital projects budget to offset flooring expenses related to the renovation work being done in the Cherry Street market.


  • Cabinet was briefed on a personnel change in Advancement. SGSU elections took place; the slate of officers was published in the Spectator. Money Magazine ranked SU number 19 for best schools for transfer students. A message to campus is being sent regarding the data security risk.