Meeting Summaries

Summary of Seattle University Board of Trustees Actions February 21, 2019

February 26, 2019

The Seattle University Board of Trustees held its quarterly meeting on February 21, 2019.  The following is a summary of Board action during the meeting.

Resolution Recognizing Connie Kanter:  The Board adopted a resolution recognizing Connie Kanter for her years of service to Seattle University and congratulating her on her new role as CEO of the Samis Foundation.

Trustee Re-Elections:  The Board re-elected David Burcham, Pat Callans, Joe Gaffney, Pat Kennedy, Steve Knight and Ruth Tressel to new four-year terms on the Board.

Committee Chair Appointments:  The Board ratified the appointment of John Vassall as Trusteeship Committee Chair and the re-appointment of Steve Knight as Intercollegiate Athletic Oversight Committee Chair.

Election of New Trustees:  The Board elected Ann Alokolaro and Tim Engle to the Board of Trustees effective May 1, 2019.

Honorary Degree Approval:  The Board approved the award of an Honorary Doctorate to Sister Helen Prejean.  Sister Helen is the speaker at the 2019 Graduate Commencement ceremony.  The Board also approved the award of an Honorary Doctorate to Jose’ Alberto (Chepe) Idiaquez, S.J.  Fr. Chepe will receive the award at the 2019 Undergraduate Commencement ceremony. The honorary doctorate recipient and speaker at the 2019 Undergraduate Commencement will be Fr. James Martin, S.J., earlier approved by Board.

Academic Program Approval:  The Board approved a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Faculty Handbook Amendment:  The Board considered and approved revisions to the Faculty Handbook as recommended by the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee and approved by Provost and the President.

FY 20 Budget Parameters:  The Board approved FY20 Budget planning parameters.

CSI Construction Approval: The Board approved the Center for Science and Innovation (CSI) project and authorized the University to expend the necessary funds and take all steps required to begin construction on the CSI complex, including the new CSI building, the Bannan buildings and the enabling projects.  Groundbreaking for the CSI building will take place in May 2019. 

Strategic Planning: The Board heard from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee Chairs, Dr. Bob Dullea and Dr. Jennifer Marrone and engaged in a trustee-led discussion regarding strategic planning. 

Other Agenda Items:  The Board heard from Provost Shane Martin regarding his impressions of and vision for the academic enterprise at SU.  The Board heard from Fr. Bob Niehoff, S.J., the Provincial Assistant for Higher Education in the Jesuits West Province.  Fr. Tom Lucas, S.J, Rector of the SU Arrupe Jesuit Community highlighted the ways in which the Jesuits at Arrupe animate and engage the university’s Jesuit mission.  The Board heard an update on the CFO search process.

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is May 8 and 9, 2019.