Meeting Summaries

Summary of Seattle University Board of Trustees Actions February 17, 2022

February 23, 2022

The Board of Trustees conducted its regular meeting on February 17, 2022.  The following is a summary of the Board’s key business and actions:

University Academic Leaders & Representatives: The Board welcomed the Cabinet, Deans, guests, and representatives from the Board of Regents, Alumni Board of Governors, Academic Assembly, Staff Council, SGSU, and GSC. 

Resolution Honoring the Memory of Theiline Scheumann: The Board adopted a resolution honoring the memory of Theiline “Ty” Scheumann, who passed away on Thursday, December 30, 2021.  Ms. Scheumann had a deep connection with Seattle University and was one of the University’s most generous supporters, having made several investments in the University focused on student scholarships and the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture. 

Elections and Reelections: The Board reelected trustees Anne Blume and Killian Noe to new, two-year terms on the Board.  The Board elected Jason Oliver to a two-year term as Vice-Chair of the Board.  The Board also elected Jeanne Berwick to a two-year term and David Burcham to a one-year term as At-Large members of the Executive Committee.

Committee Chair Appointments:  The Board ratified the appointment of Pat Kennedy to two-year term as Facilities & Technology Infrastructure Committee Chair, David Burcham to a one-year term as Finance Committee Chair, and the re-appointment of Jason Oliver to a two-year term as Student Development Committee Chair.

Election of New Trustees:  The Board elected Ryan Sawyer ‘94 and Eva Zhao to the Board of Trustees effective May 1, 2022.  Mr. Sawyer graduated summa cum laude with a double major in English and Philosophy from SU in 1994, where he also served as captain of the men’s varsity soccer team.  He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to attend Oxford University and received an MSt with Distinction in Research Methods in English.  He has worked in senior level positions at Amazon and Merrill Lynch and currently runs his own investment advisory firm.  Eva Zhao was a tenured full professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications until she relocated to the US in 2015.  She has also worked as a researcher at Japan’s Konan University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the City University of Hong Kong.  Her research focus included financial engineering, investment management, and risk and decision-making analysis.

WA Non-Profit Corporation Act Provision: The Board adopted the amended provision of the Washington Non-Profit Corporation Act relating to modification of gift restrictions. 

President’s Report:  The Board heard a report from President Penalver regarding key initiatives at the University and viewed a new video highlighting Reigniting our Strategic Directions.

Academic Affairs:  The Board heard a report from Provost Shane P. Martin on faculty updates and future directions of Academic Affairs within the university’s Reignited Strategic Directions.

Strategic Initiatives: The Board heard an update from Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Chris Van Liew on the progress of the Reignited Strategic Directions.

Finance Committee:  The Board heard a report from CFO Wilson Garone on the mid-year forecast and approved major financial planning parameters for the FY23 Budget.

Investment Committee: The Board heard the annual report on the performance of the University Endowment and ratified the appointment of a new member of the Investment Committee.

Intercollegiate Athletic Oversight Committee: The Board heard an update from Associate Athletic Director Eric Guerra on NCAA rules as applied to members of the Board of Trustees

Mission Integration Committee:  The Board approved the charter for the Mission Integration Committee.

The Board Retreat is on June 2 - 3, 2022