Student Stories

Andrew Gorvetzian ’15, International Studies & Spanish, IDIP India

The other day, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Naidu’s farm. We met at a bus stop and he took me to his home in Hyderabad. Upon entering, the first thing I saw was a large, framed portrait of Naidu shaking hands with none other than George W. Bush, who had visited Naidu’s farm in 2006. Happy and shocked that I was now within one degree of separation from the infamous ex-President, I quickly realized how special this experience would turn out to be. 

Logan McDonald, ’15, Economics, IDIP India

Every day I get to work through a combination of walking, busing and rickshaw-ing. However, some days when I’m feeling adventurous and stir-crazy, I skip the busing part and walk the extra 3 km for a total of … oh only 4.3 kilometers... It seems a lot longer… Today, because I was feeling particularly antsy, I did it both ways, meaning I walked at least 8.6 kilometers. On these walks, I don’t have my phone or laptop or any piece of technology, which is refreshing as my job here entails me being immersed with tech.

Golden Chain by Rachel Whitcomb, ’13, History