Stephen V. Sundborg

Stephen Sundborg

"I am primarily and deeply a Jesuit, and I bring that to everything I do."
- Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., President

President Emeritus Stephen Sundborg’s commitment to furthering Seattle University’s Jesuit tradition of excellence in education, teaching and service will be his legacy. Throughout his tenure as president, Fr. Sundborg’s goal was to advance Seattle University’s Jesuit mission, the unique set of values we hold as a university and the special set of commitments we stand by. To this end, he was dedicated to attracting qualified Jesuits to work at Seattle University whenever they are ready and in whatever roles enrich our campus.

Our mission, rooted in our Jesuit ethos, speaks to the fact that we were invited to bring Catholic education and, in particular, Jesuit education to Seattle.”
- Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.

The Endowment for Jesuit Teaching & Ministry was established during the Campaign for the Uncommon Good to secure Fr. Sundborg’s vision in perpetuity, assuring our ability to recruit, welcome and employ Jesuits whenever they are available to join us, pushing further the mission and unique set of values that makes us who we are. It will help to secure the Jesuit presence, a touchstone for the Jesuit education that Seattle University has offered since our founding in 1891.

As teachers, administrators, campus ministers, chaplains and in a range of other capacities, the Jesuit presence is a particular treasure for nourishing our Jesuit Catholic character. There is a richness of gifts that each Jesuit brings with him to campus, from academic insights to fostering a deeper understanding of the Jesuit educational tradition, to strengthening our liturgical life, to providing life-changing opportunities for reflection and retreats. These gifts touch all corners of our university. Whether a Jesuit is in the early days of his formation or nearing retirement with limited availability, each Jesuit who joins our campus community enhances our vitality as a Jesuit Catholic institution.