Marika Yaplee

Bridging the Gap to Education

Marika Yaplee, '19

Marika Yaplee did everything in her power to realize her dream of attending Seattle University. Her family had no financial resources to contribute, so she had to figure out how to pay for college herself.

She earned a university Campion Merit Scholarship, took out loans and worked several jobs. Her perseverance and dedication paid off: her freshman year was a success. Marika excelled academically—she was at the top of her class with a science heavy course load—and appreciated the personalized education and small class size that Seattle U offers.

When the time came to return for her sophomore year, Marika faced a $6,000 affordability gap she could not pay. She planned to drop out and continue her education at another institution.

But then Seattle U stepped in with a bridge scholarship that enabled Marika to continue her studies. She still worked to make ends meet but remained determined to succeed—and succeed she did.

Marika was vice president of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, volunteered for Seattle U athletic events and coached softball at her former Seattle public high school. All the while, she maintained a high GPA while working toward her goal of becoming a pediatric occupational therapist.