Chew Family

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Chew Family

Growing up, Corky Chew’s and Nancy Gilbert’s garage workbench was their son Brad’s extended classroom. He would tinker and modify things, eventually dismantling and rebuilding his car engine. Thinking ahead to college, their wish for him was to expand his boundaries, feed his curiosity and introduce him to lifelong friends.

When the time came, Brad wanted to attend a small liberal arts school that offered an exceptional and well-rounded education. He started college as a chemistry major at another institution, embarking on an educational odyssey. After some self-reflection and with encouragement from mentors and friends, Brad decided to pursue mechanical engineering, landing him at Seattle University’s doorstep.

A visit to campus ignited Brad’s excitement about attending Seattle U. During his visit, his admissions officer saw his potential and provided invaluable and thoughtful advice.

He observed a class taught by Dr. Teodora Rutar Shuman and was impressed by the classroom dynamics and relationships among the students and the professor. He departed SU energized and focused, with a roadmap and a vision of himself as part of this community.

Upon Brad’s admission as a transfer student, the family was impressed with Dean Mike Quinn’s vision for the College of Science and Engineering and with the care and interest both faculty and staff extended to Brad. Brad’s advisor, Dr. Josh Hamel, helped untangle his complex transcript history and devise a two-year plan for graduation and Shuman and Dr. Yen-Lin Han were enthusiastic and authentic mentors to him.

It is through these experiences and others that the family developed a deep affection for Seattle University. In gratitude, they established a lasting gift by creating the ME Innovators Endowment Fund to foster student exposure to leaders and innovators in science and engineering. Additionally, they made a contribution to support the construction of the Center for Science & Innovation (CSI).