Student Loan Insurance


Seattle University is excited to announce a partnership with Ardeo Education Solutions, a trusted vendor providing optional Student Loan Insurance for entering freshman or transfer students and returning freshman or sophomore students. To learn more about the benefits and details of Student Loan Insurance, we invite you to read the information below, provided by our partners at Ardeo Education Solutions:

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Ardeo Student Loan Insurance

We understand that the investment you and your family make in your higher education is significant and often requires you to borrow federal student, private alternative, and/or parent PLUS loans. We understand that students and parents are often concerned about whether it will be difficult to repay these loans after graduation. Are you concerned about the negative impact on your income of potentially graduating during a recession? Do you feel compelled to study a major you don’t love because it might provide higher income? Are you worried about achieving strong enough grades to qualify for the high-paying career you want? 

We want students to feel free to pursue their passions both during and after college as they choose their major and their job. Ardeo’s Student Loan Insurance is an optional safety net that can provide peace of mind and help you repay your student loans if your income after graduation is below $50,000.  

For additional information, including coverage details and exclusions, and how to sign up to purchase coverage, please visit Ardeo at this link: You can also contact Ardeo at or call (877) 909-4754.