Award Letter Loan Basics

The loans described in this section are available only to students and to parents of dependent undergraduate students. The loans must be repaid, typically after the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled at least half time (6 credits as an undergraduate student; 3 credits as a graduate student).

The financial aid award letter generally lists the maximum amount the student may borrow for the academic year.

  • To accept or reject Direct Loans, or Nursing loans, students log on to SUOnline and, from the Financial Information section of the Student Menu click on "Financial Aid Self Service Portal" to be connected to the  checklist to view award and accept/reject loans. 
  • To request a reduced amount of any of these loans, students should email Student Financial Services from their SU email address, specifying the amount to which they want their loans reduced.
    • Revised loan amounts are distributed equally across all quarters for which students are expected to enroll.
    • When a student's requested revision is complete, a notification that a revised award letter is available at SUOnline is sent to the student's SU email address.