Preparing for Fellowships

Something you can do throughout college to be competitive for fellowships is to be involved in the academic, leadership, and reflective opportunities available to you.

Academic Opportunities

Study Abroad

Seattle University Education Abroad Office
Your place to get started when looking at Study Abroad opportunities at Seattle University

IIE Institute of International Education: Passport Study Abroad Funding
Huge database of study abroad funding opportunities

CIEE: Council of International Educational Exchange Scholarships
Lists a few scholarship opportunities for CIEE study abroad programs

International Development Internship Program (IDIP) 
Seattle U's very own 17-credit program that explores the causes and consequences of situations that undermine the well-being of individuals in the developing world. Placements are available in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Supervised Research Opportunities

Consult your faculty, college, etc.

Tutoring & Study Tips

Learning Assistance Programs
Provides individual consultations with learning specialists, tutoring, learning strategy workshops, and group study opportunities

Writing Center
Dedicated to engaging students in becoming the most effective writers they can be and helps students at any stage in the writing process

Math Lab
Drop-in service provided by the Mathematics Department for all students in lower-division mathematics courses

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Development 
Dedicated to helping students develop as leaders through a variety of programs

Be a Leader
Be a leader for service and justice in the Center for Service and Community Engagement and the Seattle University Youth Initiative. Recruiting  for exciting, challenging, and fun leadership positions

Office of Multicltrual Affairs
Student leadership in OMA is a critical component of its ability to create programs and services that meet the needs of the Seattle University community

Reflective Opportunities

Mission & Ministry
Prepares and forms students to embody faith and justice through their lives by providing opportunities for spiritual growth, discernment, prayer, and community engagement

Opportunities by Fellowship Type

This is by no means an extensive list of the opportunities available for you to prepare for these types of fellowships. Please continue to research opportunities on your own and consult your faculty, mentors, and other campus and community resources to discover more ways that can prepare you for these types of fellowships.

Preparing for Environmental Fellowships

Environmentally-Oriented Student Clubs
*Look under Academic/Departmental Honor Societies, Community Service, and Special-Interest & Miscellaneous

Environmental Internships, Employment, and Educational Opportunities

Preparing for Public Policy Fellowships 

Seattle University Integrity Board

Helps students develop their ability to discuss citizenship, values, ethics, and integrity and how they relate to Seattle University policies

Center for Community Engagement

Teaches skills on how to perform a contextual analysis, how to develop a message, a campaign plan, a power map, coalition building, working with the media, lobbying, etc.

Public Policy Student Clubs

Check under "Political/Social Interest"

Preparing for International Affairs Fellowships

Center for Service and Community Engagement Immigration and Ethnic/Cultural Issues Partners

Internationally-Oriented Student Clubs

*Look under Academic/Departmental Honor Societies, Community Service, and Political/Social Interest

International Development Internship Program

Preparing for Science & Engineering Fellowships

Science & Engineering Student Clubs
*Check under "Academic/Departmental Honor Societies" and "Special Interests & Miscellaneous"

College of Science & Engineering Clubs

College of Science & Engineering Project Center

Preparing for Teaching Fellowships

Center for Service and Community Engagement Community Partners

Mentoring and Tutoring Opportunities

Children's Literacy Project