Faith and the Great Ideas

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If you have any questions about participating in the FGI Learning Community and Core Academic Program, contact:

Rev. Daniel J. Peterson, Ph.D.
Director, Faith & the Great Ideas

901 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
(206) 398-4475


The Faith and the Great Ideas Learning Community and Core Academic Program provides first-year students with a rich array of opportunities to:

  • explore ways to integrate faith, reason and justice
  • become more aware of the foundations of their own beliefs and values
  • enhance their global awareness and gain a greater understanding of the beliefs and values of people from faith traditions other than their own
  • develop a strong sense of personal freedom and responsibility
  • participate in a community of students and scholars who love the challenges of integrating faith and intellectual inquiry
  • benefit from small-size classes with active learning in the classroom

We have a strong tradition of integrating curricular and co-curricular experiences throughout the year.  All students in Faith and the Great Ideas are encouraged to enroll in linked core courses that simultaneously meet requirements for the University Core Curriculum and the Faith and the Great Ideas Core Specialization.  Those students who complete five linked courses are honored at a special ceremony each May, and their core specialization is noted on their academic transcript.