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Rob Efird

Professor, Anthropology and Sociology
Asian Studies Program

Professor Efird took us on a field trip to the International District to learn about Japanese immigration and internment in Seattle. One stop on the field trip was outside the Panama Hotel, built in 1910 by the first Japanese American architect in Seattle. (Fun fact: This hotel contains the last remaining Japanese bathhouse in the US!) Since 1985, the hotel has been owned by Jan Johnson, who has closed off the basement that holds the belongings of the Japanese families to the public. However, we serendipitously crossed paths with Jan. When Professor Efird explained the purpose of our field trip, she unlocked the chains to the basement and gave our class a private historical tour of the sento, while recounting many stories from the 1970s-1980s about the hotel’s previous owner and Japanese (American) internment.

—Audrey Kan, ’20 , B.S. Computer Science, Entrepreneurship Specialization

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Jeff Philpott

Director, University Core Curriculum
Assistant Professor, Communication

My favorite faculty member is Jeff Philpott. I met him for the first time at the special Hawaii orientation and through that discovered a desire to study strategic communications—a second major I added soon after arriving at Seattle U. I was fortunate to take public speaking from Jeff and then to work with him on the UCOR Executive Committee. He has taught me about more than just how to get a point across to a room, he has also helped me grow as a leader and continued to be a mentor for me even after my time on the UCOR ExCo ended. A funny story about Jeff is that I actually saw him happenstance in Waikiki in the summer of 2018. I was walking to a dinner with friends and he just happened to be in town for the Hawaii orientation and walking down the same street at the same time. It was such a lovely coincidence!Outside of the classroom, she is doing amazing work with the DVPO pop up clinic partnering with King County POAP to help domestic violence survivors during these challenging times when staying home is not safe for them. 

—Nicole Harrison, '20, Political Science and Strategic Communications double major

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Rick Malleus

Department Chair, Communication

One of my favorite things that I did was go on a study abroad trip to Zimbabwe with Dr. Malleus. I hadn't been to the Continent yet and Zimbabwe was a great introduction. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people and I made really good friends there. We stayed primarily in Harare, the capitol, and it was right before their presidential election which was crazy! The people were so willing to talk about politics which was refreshing because Americans aren't as comfortable with that. I saw Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and went on multiple game drives where I saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, baboons, tons of amazing birds. It was truly amazing and I can't wait to travel in a different country in Africa again.

—Laurel MacK-Wilson, ’20, Public Relations

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Joe Ricci


Joe, a philosophy professor, hosts dress-up days where we are invited to change our zoom background and dress according to a theme for our classes! He has put a bright twist on an unfortunate situation with the pandemic and remote instruction. 

—Parker Betz

Kate Guts


Shoutout Dr. Guts for being one of the most down to earth, compassionate, and genuine professors. Every student that has her, loves her, and becomes a better student and person because of her. Thank you Dr. Guts, I know I speak for all students that we are beyond grateful for you.

—NW, '22 Journalism

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Deirdre Bowen

Associate Profesor
School of Law

Professor Bowen is amazing! She's always there for me — inside or out of the classroom. I recently lost a big summer employment opporunity due to COVID and Bowen was there to help me readjust, figure out how to respond, and what to be thankful for (health, friends/family/loved ones, livelihood, etc.). She is a positive person and and excellent professor that led us through the end of the appellate brief and oral arguments via Zoom. Did i mention she's hilarious?!

Outside of the classroom, she is doing amazing work with the DVPO pop up clinic partnering with King County POAP to help domestic violence survivors during these challenging times when staying home is not safe for them. 

She also hosted an online happy hour with our legal writing class so we could socialize while social distancing. We played a game called mafia and hung out for ~3 hours. Glad to have her around SU/Sullivan Hall. 

—Blake Hoonan, '21 J.D. Candidate

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