Workshops and Candid Conversations


One of our goals as a Center is to engage SU faculty in conversation around the deeper questions of academic practice, based on national and international Higher Education research. A key format for this is our series of lunchtime workshops, which are open to all SU faculty.

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What can I expect?

As a faculty member attending a faculty development workshop, you can expect

  • To meet colleagues from across the university
  • To learn about some research that relates to your practice as a faculty member
  • To have the opportunity to explore the topic in relation to your own work
  • To contribute to the discussion and learn from colleagues

What does this mean in practice?

Our workshops are underpinned by research, most commonly externally published work and occasionally research we have conducted here on campus to find out how an issue relates to SU faculty.

We ensure that everyone has a chance to speak – at least in pairs or small groups, if not in the entire group – so that they can relate the content to their own work and can make their own contributions.

Why use this format?

We take a social constructivist approach to our work, meaning that we see knowledge as being (a) constructed by individuals in their own specific way and (b) best constructed through interaction with others. Since that's our view of learning, we strive always to model it in our workshops so that you get to experience it first-hand.

Candid Conversations

In 2011 the Center for Faculty Development piloted a new format for faculty events: Candid Conversations. These are intended to be relaxed, late-afternoon discussions where faculty can share their views and experiences on topics that may be more controversial or "hot" at the time. These facilitated conversations have less emphasis on current research, more on exploring the topic in its Seattle University context, with gentle moderation from the Center for Faculty Development.