Past Winners

Beginning in the 2014-15 academic year, the Center for Faculty Development began keeping a record of faculty award winners in order to celebrate our Seattle University faculty colleagues who have been honored with accolades, both internally and externally.

You can find a list of the current year honorees on our current Award Winners page. Click on the red plus below the award to view the list of past winners (since 2014-15).

Past university-level awards

Provost's Awards for Faculty Excellence

2015 Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Henry Louie, in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (College of Science and Engineering) was the first to be honored with the Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Louie involves students in his teaching and research on how social enterprises can provide electricity to the energy impoverished in sub-Saharan Africa through small-scale utilities. He instills in students a sense of compassion and duty that is exhibited through their active service to humanity.

2015 Provost's Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors

Dr. Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, in the departments of Modern Languages and Women and Gender Studies (College of Arts and Sciences) was the first to be honored with the Provost's Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors. Dr. Gutierrez y Muhs is considered an innovative intellectual, literary critic and poet known for her work on identity and intersectionality, the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. She further reformulates scholarship and community through her prolific writing and presentations.

If you would like to find out more about the annual Provost's Awards for Faculty Excellence, or if you would like to nominate one of your colleagues to receive one of these awards, you can download the forms from the Awards section at the foot of the following page from the Academic Affairs website: (opens in new window).


Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Awards

2015 Alumni Association's Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Phillip Thompson, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Click here to read more about Dr. Thompson's Distinguished Faculty award.


Faculty of the Year Awards

2014-15 Faculty of the Year Award

Dr. Caitlin Ring Carlson, Communication

Click here to read more about Dr. Ring Carlson's Faculty of the Year Award.


McGoldrick Fellowships

2014-2015 McGoldrick Fellowship

Paul Holland, JD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Law

Click here to read more about Professor Holland's McGoldrick Fellowship.


Past College/School Awards

Albers School of Business & Economics

2015 Beta Gamma Sigma Teacher of the Year:

Dr. Madhu Rao, Management


School of Law

2015 William Pincus Award (Association of American Law Schools [AALS]'s highest honors for Clinical Legal Education):

Bryan Adamson, JD

Click here to read an article about Professor Adamson's award.

2015 William Oltman Professor of Teaching Excellence &

Outstanding Faculty Award, December 2015:

Brooke Coleman, JD


Outstanding Faculty Award, May 2015:

Sidney DeLong, JD


Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, 2015:

Judge Linda Portnoy, JD


College of Nursing

2015 Most Inspirational Faculty:

Dr. Anita Jablonski



College of Science & Engineering

2015 Outstanding Teacher:

Dr. John Carter, Math

2015 Faculty Innovation:

Dr. Greg Mason, Mechanical Engineering

2015 Outstanding Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Carolyn Stenbak, Biology


Fulbright Awards

2015 Fulbright Awards

Dr. Quan Le, Economics; Vietnam

Dr. Henry Louie; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Zambia

Greg Tuke, MSW; International Studies; India

Click here to view a record of all Seattle University Fulbright Scholars (1999-present).

For more information on the Fulbright Scholar program, please click here or contact Dr. Jacquelyn Miller at or 206-296-5446.

If you or one of your Seattle University faculty colleagues have won awards in past years and you wish to see it celebrated on this page, please let us know at