David Green

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Phone: 206.296.5386

Building/Room: Hunthausen 124

David A Green received his BA and PhD in German Studies from the University of Birmingham (UK), and an MA in Education and Professional Development from Birmingham City University (BCU). Before becoming an educational (i.e. faculty) developer, David was Chair of Languages and International Business at BCU and has teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level in foreign language, literature, cross-cultural management, communication, and higher education. His research primarily focuses on factors that enable individuals to behave – or inhibit them from behaving – inclusively and with integrity, whether those individuals are students, faculty, or educational developers. From 2011–2014, David was co-editor of the International Journal for Academic Development, and currently acts as liaison between the journal and the Board of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED). David is also co-author (with Celia Popovic) of Understanding Undergraduates: Challenging Our Preconceptions of Student Success, published in the USA and UK by Routledge (2012). David_Green_CV