What can we do for you?

Due to demands on staff, supply chain issues, vendor availability and the high volume of requests it may take us longer than usual to fulfill to your request.  We appreciate your patience.

Submit a Work Order

Using a Seattle University log in, faculty, students and staff can submit a work order via the MegaMation system. This will insure that the right work group receives your request and the process can be tracked and managed efficiently.



Maintenance services are funded by Facilities Services unless provided to an auxiliary operation, self-sustaining unit, and/or if the unit recharges for its services. Customers must also pay for requested services that exceed the preventive maintenance cycle or are beyond the routine level funded by Facilities Services.



Facilities Request Form

For assistance with Construction and space changes please fill out the Facilities Request Form. These requests are managed by the Office of Design and Construction and will be reviewed and assigned on a weekly basis.


Office Moves

This guide will provide the steps necessary to complete your office move. View our Services and Frequently Asked Questions, then attach an Office Move Matrix to a work order to initiate the process. Requesting departments are responsible for all costs using either the FRF or PFF form.


Response Time

Response times vary according to the nature of the problem. Emergencies, Urgent Requests, Routine Corrective Maintenance, and Planned Work will all have different levels of response.