10 Year Facilities Master Plan


The mission of Seattle University requires that the physical development of the campus is done in an intentional manner consistent with its academic programs, student requirements, and Jesuit tradition.

The Seattle University's Ten Year Facilities Plan (10YFP) provides a roadmap for guiding capital investments for major space and funding resources.  A rigorous process has been used to assess space needs in focus areas, prioritize major capital projects according the University's strategic goals, and balance capital needs with financial feasibility.  The plan is intended to be flexible to adapt to changing needs or priorities and will be updated annually.  The campus community has been broadly engaged in the development of the comprehensive 10YFP.  This report documents progress made in fiscal year 2015 (FY2015) and FY16 on major projects and the future plan for FY17 through FY26.



If you would like to request a copy, or have comments and questions; please contact Nathan Gregory