Major Institution Master Plan

The Major Institution Master Plan, or MIMP, is a plan that guides campus developments over the next 15 to 20 years. It is a comprehensive land use agreement with Seattle City government regarding the amount and location of future campus development .

The Major Institution Master Plan was created through a collaborative planning process that included the Citizen's Advisory Committee, multiple City departments, the University and neighboring community. The Major Institution Master Plan consists of three main components: The Major Institution Master Plan, the Transportation Management Plan, and the Environmental Impact Statement. The current MIMP was adopted by the Seattle City Council in January 2013.

To view Seattle University’s Final Compiled Major Institution Master Plan on the City of Seattle website. Click here.

Annual reports and information on the Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) membership, by-laws and meetings can be found on the City of Seattle website.

To view the Seattle Municipal Code on the City of Seattle website click here.

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