Facilities Services
Facilities Master Plan

Topics of Discussion

  • Since the beginning of the Facilities Master Plan project, SRG Partnership and Walker Macy have documented trends within Seattle University. Several of these trends became the basis of further discussion in the use of the physical campus.

    Major Topics Identified After Process Completion

    • Full-time student uses of campus       ExistingFullTimeStudentUse
    • Part-time student uses of campus        ExistingpartTimeStudentUSe
    • Existing open space: garden & natural, lawn, sports fields         OpenSpaceExisting
    • Building opportunities      /uploadedImages/Facilities/Projects/Future_Projects/FacilitiesMasterPlan/Topics/BuildingOpportunities.jpg
    • Contemplative Spaces     /uploadedImages/Facilities/Projects/Future_Projects/FacilitiesMasterPlan/Topics/ContemplativeSpaceExisting.jpg
    • Campus edges                   /uploadedImages/Facilities/Projects/Future_Projects/FacilitiesMasterPlan/Topics/CampusEdges-Existing.jpg
    • Flow of movement across campus and within buildings 
    • Site circulation 
    • Landscape opportunities