Facilities Services Guide to Moving


This information is to help take some of the stress and anxiety out of your move

Office Moves and Equipment Moves 

All moves start with either the FRF (Facilities Request Form) for large capital moves, or the PFF (Project Funding Form) process via a work order. Please read below for the required information.

Please contact Information Technology Service for relocation of workstations, phones and devices

Requesting departments are responsible for all costs using either the FRF or PFF form.


Please fill out an Office Move Matrix detailing your office moves.

Attach the Office Move Matrix to a work order for your request.

Work orders can be submitted at the Facilities website. An estimate will be created for each move work order.


Large moves require a 3-month lead time.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks or more lead time when scheduling a single move. If paint is requested, additional time is needed.

Please be advised that a contracted moving service may be necessary to complete your move on time.

Having an inventoried list of items to be moved helps expedite our services to you.

Facilities is also responsible for duties within operations (e.g. preventative maintenance, pressure washing, etc.) Your move may be rescheduled to maintain our work with operations.

Expectations regarding your vacated area

Clear out all trash.

Make arrangements for the disposition of personal items including personal furniture.

Please be aware that our staff or contractors cannot move your personal items.

The expectation is that you will leave your vacated area ready for the next occupant.

Please place a work order for a large recycle bin or confidential recycle bin, if needed. For larger moves, we will provide a resource recovery station for reusable and recyclable items.

If custodial cleaning is required, please submit a work order and provide at least one week’s notice.


Empty desks completely.

Empty all open bookcases.

Vertical file cabinets can be moved full, fifth drawer must be emptied (if existing). Lateral file cabinets must be emptied.

Two-door storage cabinets must be emptied.

Clearly label each item with new room number or an indication that they are surplus or recyclable.

General Services


Moving boxes must be used. Make sure the boxes are securely closed.

The maximum box size permitted for paper or books is 16x18x18”.

Label each box clearly with the new room number.

You may purchase boxes using ProcureSU. If you need a box immediately, Urban Self Storage is located at 12th and Madison.


Empty all refrigerators and upright freezers.

Some equipment may require disassembly for clearance reasons; you may have to check your warranty.

Other Items

You are responsible for moving all personal items.

Any surplus or recyclable items must be addressed on a separate work order.

Ensure a work order is submitted to dispose of all hazardous waste or chemicals prior to move.

If you have questions, please contact the Facilities Resource Center at (206)296-6996.

Have layout maps of the new area posted on each door.

Other Services

Departments will be billed for the following services:

  • Moving large lab equipment (centrifuges, biosafety hoods, lab freezers, etc.)
  • Forklift services
  • Paper Shredding

Overtime rates may apply to moves requested outside of normal operating hours (M-F, 7:00AM –3:30PM).

Other Considerations

Contact IT to move computers, phones, and other technology via (206)296-5571 or servicedesk@seattleu.edu.

Stuff: move around, set up, or get rid of

How can I get some boxes moved?

Submit a work order with the Facilities Resource Center. Facilities will then arrange to pick up and deliver your items.

Can I move office furniture?

University furniture remains in the office it is assigned to. If you are unsure whether an item is considered office furniture or whether it can be moved, please submit a work order with a picture and description of the item.

What do I do if I need to get rid of an item?

To surplus or recycle an item you no longer need, simply put in a work order detailing what the item is, where it is located, the condition the item is in and any asset tag numbers you have. We'll take care of the rest. To surplus a computer item, please contact the IT department at (206)296-5571.

What do I do if I need to get a surplus item?

If you want a surplus item for your office, put in a work order describing exactly what you are looking for, what size and what color it should be, as well as where you want it. Our inventory is limited, but we will try to find what you are looking for.

How do I get access to my new space?

All current keys should be returned to Public Safety. New keys should be requested via the Public Safety website. The same process should be followed for cipher locks or card access.

How long after my move will all requests be completed?

Priority will be given for seismic bracing. It may take up to 8 weeks for all items to be completed.