Project List

Facilities Services manages multiple projects of all shapes and sizes, including Design + Construction's capital projects and Facilities Operation's planned maintenance.  All projects aim to implement as many sustainable practices as possible and to improve the quality of the campus.

Current projects are featured below. Construction bulletins are posted weekly for large projects, more often during the summer. You can also look at our past projects.


Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation

The Sinegal Center (SINE) is home to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science, the Center for Community Engagement, the Billoduie Makerspace, radio station KXSU, and the Convergence Zone Cafe.
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Center for Science and Innovation

The Center for Science and Innovation is a future focused group of projects that create an opportunity to reimagine STEM at Seattle University.  The three building science and engineering complex will showcase STEM as a cornerstone of Seattle U’s overall education.  The new complex will become the gateway to campus, be a lever of enrollment, connect to the university’s urban location, and foster connections with Seattle’s thriving corporations who work on the edge of innovation.

The CSI project creates a new science and engineering complex that includes a new building, at the current location of the University Services building (USVC), and renovations in the existing Bannan Center for Science and Engineering.  The CSI project includes enabling projects to relocate the current uses in the USVC building to allow for its demolition.

The new building, approximately 111,000 gross square feet, will house the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science, in large, open research and teaching laboratories and project spaces.  Faculty and student interaction will also benefit from numerous tutorial, write-up and study spaces located to encourage interaction and collaboration. The building will also provide new university classrooms, common areas and a campus maker space.  The Center of Community Engagement and the campus radio station KXSU will be located on the 12th Avenue side of the building. On the west side of the building there will be campus open space, including a plaza and garden.

Renovations in Bannan Science will retrofit vacated wet laboratories with dry labs more appropriate to the existing building infrastructure.  Previously renovated wet laboratories are repurposed for engineering departments or for use by the larger university.  Renovations of the corridors in Bannan Science will create new spaces for faculty and students to interact, and enhance college and departmental connections and identity.  Accessibility to the Bannan complex improves with a new mid building entry from lower mall

A limited renovation of Bannan Engineering will unify and create a prominent new home for the Engineering Project Center, and open additional space for general university programs and offices.  Accessibility to the basement high bay labs improves with a new first floor corridor from the elevator.

Campus Demarc Relocation

The campus telecommunications Demarc is located in the USVC building and will be relocated to the Campus Data Center to prepare for the demolition of USVC.  Campus copper communications lines, which serve the fire alarm panels, security alarms, blue light phones, elevator phones, wall phones and fax machines will be spliced or re-run.  The project will re-route some lines to increase campus resiliency by creating multiple distribution hubs.

Campus Data Center Infrastructure Improvements

The Campus Data Center, located on the sixth floor of the Bannan Engineering building, is getting upgraded infrastructure to increase its resiliency.  A new back-up generator will provide power during outages, new cooling units will provide better ventilation and be more energy efficient, and new fire sprinklers designed for data center applications will replace an antiquated halon fire suppression system.