Project Initiation

The process for initiating a project varies by the type and size of project.

New construction:/Major building additions:

Projects of this magnitude must be approved by the President, Provost, or CFO. Please consult your divisional Vice President or Dean to start this process.


The first step in a remodel or renovation project is to submit a Facilities Request Form (FRF) available here: FRF Form

This form gathers some basic information such as location, desired schedule, budget, and approval signatures. We will often follow up with an in-person review of the project area with you to gather more detailed information regarding your goals.

Once your FRF is submitted it enters the D+C project queue. Prospective projects are evaluated for institutional priority in consultation with the Space Governance Committee.


To request new or surplus furniture, furniture moves or repairs or any other issue with furniture, please fill out a Furniture Service Form available here: Furniture Service Form

Requests for a repair will be addressed within a few days; other requests enter our Furniture Project or Surplus request queues and are addressed in the order they are received.


Signage requests should be submitted on a Facilities Request Form (FRF) available here:  FRF Form

For signage changes such as name changes that impact major campus signage, we implement all the changes in one signage revision over the summer break; requests should be submitted by April 30th to be included in the yearly revisions.

All other signage requests enter our signage project queue and are generally addressed in the order received.

ADA and Accommodation Requests

Faculty and Staff who need an ADA accommodation must contact Human Resources to start the process. Once the request has been approved, HR will contact D+C with the information on the accommodation and we will implement the solution.

Students who need an ADA accommodation must contact Disability Services, who will contact D+C with the information and we will implement the solution.