Off-Campus Disasters

How to Prepare

Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Become familiar with emergency responses to chemical, biological, nuclear/radiological and explosive events.

What to Do

  • Campus Public Safety at x5911 or (206) 296-5911 or use one of the ‘Blue Light’ emergency phones located around campus if your notice any suspicious activities. These could include a rental truck parked in an unusual location; an unaccompanied object or package; unusual odors or powders.
  • Notify the SU Health Center and Campus Public Safety if you are ill, especially if you notice that others have similar symptoms.
  • Obey all instructors if quarantine is determined to be necessary by University or local health officials.
  • Be wary of mail from an unknown person, especially if the envelope or package appears to contain any sort of powder, stain, or unusual odor. Do not open it; instead, report it to Campus Public Safety.
  • If you do open mail that contains an unusual substance, leave your room immediately; tell others in or near your room to evacuate the building.
  • Contact Campus Public Safety.