Graduate Credits

In order for the credits to count toward the MAEd or MEd in TESOL, they must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Earned in a course with a grade of "B" or higher
  • Completed no more than six years prior to the conferring of the degree or certificate

For each course taken for graduate status, a graduate project will be completed in addition to the regular assignments. An additional reader's fee will also be charged.

Graduate Projects

The graduate projects listed below are designed in compliance with the Seattle University Graduate Learning Outcomes and the TESOL International Association's Standards for ESL/EFL Teachers of Adults Framework.

  • ESL methods
    Teaching portfolio: This project demonstrates the student's advanced knowledge and skills on language teaching. Students will turn in a series of written assignments and taped teaching demonstrations.
  • Teaching of ESL grammar
    Research paper: This paper will be a corpus-based study of an English grammar construction frequent in writing selected from those covered in class.
  • Culture in the ESL classroom
    Literature review: Students will choose one group of ESL learners with a first language background of their choice, then search for the literature concerning that particular group of learners focusing on cross-cultural communication or language-culture connections.