Degree Requirements

The MAEd degree requires a total of 48 credits, three of which are dedicated to the Graduate Project. The MEd degree requires 48 credits, all of which are earned through completion of courses.

You are encouraged to discuss these options with your advisor. You may prefer one option over another based on learning preferences, interest in completing a Graduate Project, and/or topic interests that may be appropriate for a Graduate Project.

A final decision regarding the MAEd vs. the MEd is made when the Candidacy Form is filed.

College of Education Requirements (9 credits)

  • EDUC 5000 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 5130 Adult Learning
  • EDUC 5200 Social Justice in Professional Practice

The following may be substituted for EDUC 513 with advisor permission:

  • EDUC 5110 Child Development
  • EDUC 5120 Adolescent Psychology

TESOL Requirements (27-30 credits)

  • TSOL 5330 Second Language Acquisition
  • TSOL 5340 Second Language Teaching Methodologies
  • TSOL 5310 Linguistics for Language Teachers I
  • TSOL 5320 Linguistics for Language Teachers II
  • TSOL 5360 Language in Society
  • TSOL 5380 Structure of English
  • TSOL 5660 Internship in the TESOL Setting
  • AEDT 5100 Course Design for Adult Learners
  • AEDT 5630 Instructional Methods for Adult Learners
  • TSOL 5990 TESOL Graduate Project (M.A.Ed. only)

TESOL Elective Courses (9 credits minimum)

  • TSOL 5210 Second Language Listening and Speaking
  • TSOL 5230 Second Language Writing
  • TSOL 5240 Teaching English for Academic Purposes
  • TSOL 5220 Second Language Reading and Vocabulary Acquisition
  • TSOL 5420 Structure of English II
  • TSOL 5410 Language Assessment
  • AEDT 5640 Issues in Basic Skills for Adults
  • AEDT 5650 Philosophy and Methods of Skill Training
  • AEDT 5690 Teaching Methods in Basic Skills for Adults
  • LITC 5250 Seminar in Literacy Instruction

Elective Course (M.Ed. only) (3 credits)

  • AEDT 5770 Evaluation in Programs for Adult Learners
  • SDAD 5590 The American Community College
  • EDUC 5150 Multicultural Perspectives
  • EDUC 5300 Philosophy of Education
  • TSOL 5670 Internship in the TESOL setting
  • TSOL 5960 TESOL Independent Study

All courses are 3 credits each.

Minimum Credits Required: 48