International Students

Approximately 15% of the TESOL graduate students are international students. Their experiences with learning English and in participating in other educational systems around the world enrich our program tremendously. We value their perspectives on teaching and learning languages. Click here for more information on applying to Seattle University as an International Student.

Tips for International Students at Seattle University

  • Visit the International Student Center for resources and events.
  • Give nonverbal feedback during lectures and discussions. Use your face and eyes to let your instructors know when you do and do not understand or agree.
  • Raise your hand! Offer your own questions and comments in class discussions.
  • Be sure to use the Writing Center (206.296.6239) for help on your first drafts of written assignments. The one-hour private consultations are free of charge.
  • Try to make time to participate in social events with classmates.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help or clarification from your classmates or instructors.

Job Market for Non-native English Speakers

Our program has always had some international students. Many of them return to their home countries after graduation, and teach primarily in private English language schools, high schools, and colleges. Some also stay and teach ESL in the US. Still others become instructors of the languages they speak natively, since a master's in TESOL can make one qualified to teach in community colleges any language that one speaks proficiently.

Most of the TESOL students are planning to teach ESOL both abroad and in the US (66%). Only 33% are planning to teach exclusively in the US. Students are evenly split in wanting to teach refugees/immigrants vs. international students, with many students planning to teach both populations sometime in the future.