Student Life & Career Services

Student Life

The student life link above provides a thorough overview of campus life opportunities, divisions, and departments. Although the experience of graduate students varies greatly across the College of Education’s programs, you’ll find links below that have been hand-picked for graduate student life.

Top 10 Student Life Links for Graduate Students

  1. Accepted Graduate Students
  2. Commuter Students
  3. Transportation & Parking
  4. Emergency Text Messaging
  5. Financial Aid
  6. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  7. Disabilities Services
  8. Office of Multicultural Affairs
  9. The Outreach Center: Veterans & First Generation Students
  10. Graduate Student Council (GSC)

Career Services

Seattle University Career Services

Seattle University’s Career Services Office provides supports to students across all programs in the College of Education.

Educator Career Services

The Educator Career Services Office in the College of Education provides certification and employment services to students and alumni of any of the college's K-12 certificated educator preparation programs, including Master in Teaching, School Counseling, School Psychology, Educational Administration, Special Education, and Educating Non-Native English Speakers. Because the office focuses on certification activities, it does not serve students outside of these programs. The office offers different resources and tools to advance the careers of current and future educators.