Recruitment Instructions


A few reminders:

  • These sessions are primarily for our MIT, School Counseling, School Psychology students & alums, and some are for Ed Admin candidates. 
  • For the latest schedule check the “Recruitment Schedule” 


Logging in and Uploading a Document

Step 1: Go to our login page:

You can log in using your Seattle U email and password.

Step 2: Click the dropdown arrow under your name, select Documents and click Add New Document. Files should be in .PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX format. Check the Make Public checkbox if you would like your document to be able to be found and viewed by employers on Handshake or the Educator Career Services Office. If you want to keep the document part of your private document library, or if you’re uploading it for use in a particular job application, the checkbox should remain unmarked.

Setting up Your Profile

 Check to be sure all pre-loaded information is correct. Pay especially close attention to your major.  If you find an error in any of your profile data, contact Educator Career Services ( ).

You’ll need to decide whether to make your profile public or private.

  • A public profile can be seen by any employer on Handshake and by Educator Career Services Center. (Note: There are some Handshake profile components, like GPA, that have their own privacy, so you can make your profile public, but your GPA private, for example). Your profile can’t be seen by other students or by Career Services Centers at other schools.
  • A private profile can only be seen by you and SU's Educator Career Services Office.

You can switch your privacy status at any time.

 The more you add to your profile, the more tailored your overall Handshake experience will be. It also makes it easier for employers to find you and You will then start to see a more customized dashboard, with tailored job collections like: Jobs Near Campus, Jobs in Locations You’re Interested In, and Recommended for You.                                                                                                          

Interviews & Group Info Sessions

     Sign up for Interviews!

  • Click on Jobs to view all current Interviews and job to search for Interviews using
    keywords, use the search box at the upper top left of the page. Enter a few keywords and click Search.
  • Click on the specific Interview. Click on Quick Apply. Attach your resume.  Click on Submit   Review Time Slots and Click on Take Slot. (NOTE: If there’s no option to Take Slot, contact Beverley at .

Sign up for Group Info Sessions!

To attend Events such as Group Info Sessions, click on Event, then click on Event Search. Under Filters, enter the School District name in the Keyword box.  Click on that School District name for detailed info.  Register by clicking on RSVP for Event.

Handshake Support

 If you experience any technical issues or want to learn more about how to use Handshake, visit the Handshake Support website at


Any questions, contact Beverley Silver, Educator Career Services, Loyola 509.

Call 206.296.5780 or email