Placement Files

What is a Placement File?

A placement file is a collection of documents sent to prospective employers (typically, school districts) during a candidate's job application process. Contents usually include resume-type information provided by the candidate and reference letters.

New Placement Files

Area school districts no longer require, or even accept, university placement files, so our office will not be opening new placement files.

Active Placement Files

Current active placement files will continue to be maintained by our office.  If there is no activity (requests for mailings to potential employers) for two or more years, the placement file will become inactive.

Inactive Placement Files

If it has been more than two years since you last mailed your placement file, you will need to request reactivation.  Inactive files are stored for a maximum of 15 years before being purged.

Please put your request in writing; include your name, current mailing address, email address and phone number, the year that you graduated and the degree that you received. If you created your file under a different name, please include that information.

Reactivate in person in the ECS Office or mail your written request along with the $10 reactivation fee to the ECS Office. (pay by cash, check payable to Seattle University or credit card). When we receive your request, we will process it and send you a packet of information, including copies of what is currently in your file, a list of references and new forms, and we will email you new templates and Professional Reference Forms.