An overriding commitment of the school psychology faculty is an ecological and systems orientation to school psychology practice. An ecological-systems approach emphasizes the complex interaction between the child, family, school, and community in the conceptualization of problems and their solutions. All core faculty are actively involved in researching Ecological-Systems Interventions. 


Contact information for specific programs of research is provided below.  

Multi-Tiered Intervention

Principal Investigators: Kay Beisse, PhD and Ashli Tyre, EdD

Multi-tiered systems of prevention and intervention, such as Response to Intervention and Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (PBS), hold promise for improving educational outcomes for diverse groups of students through a tiered framework for addressing ecological systems challenges in our nation's schools.

Family School Collaboration

Principal Investigator: Kay Beisse, PhD,

Protective Peer Ecology Program

Principal Investigator: Sam Song, PhD,