Ashli D. Tyre, EdD, NCSP

EdD, Educational Psychology (School Psychology), Northern Arizona University
MA, School Psychology, Northern Arizona University
BS, Psychology, Ball State University

Associate Professor, School Psychology (SPSY)

Phone: (206) 296-5776

Building/Room: Loyola 207



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Ashli Tyre is an Associate Professor in School Psychology. She joined the Seattle University faculty in 2007. Ashli has a Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology/ School Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Dr. Tyre’s research agenda is devoted to schoolwide applications of positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS). Since 1999, Dr. Tyre has worked with school staff to implement PBIS as a means of creating positive school environments that support the social and emotional needs of all students. Her work is specifically devoted to the support of school staff in the educational change process. Dr. Tyre has five years of school-based experience as a school psychologist where she worked with underserved school systems in northern Arizona, focusing on students with low incidence disabilities and special needs preschoolers. As a trainer of school psychologists, Dr. Tyre is devoted to developing compassionate, ethical practitioners who have the moral courage to serve as child advocates despite the competing pressures of school politics.

Selected Scholarly Works

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Feuerborn, L., Tyre, A., & Beaudoin, K. (In press). Classified staff perceptions of behavior and discipline: Implications for schoolwide positive behavior intervention and supports.Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions. 

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