Check back in January 2019!

Seattle University’s College of Education is offering cross-content and content-specific, interactive professional learning opportunities for educators. Participants will develop and strengthen their content knowledge in a diverse learning community.

Courses are developed from current Seattle University’s College of Education curriculum and offer a breadth and depth of academic rigor. Courses are structured to offer an intensive, holistic and hybrid format that allows participants to engage in hands-on learning experiences.

The Institute program focuses on a variety of topics including: Special Education, English Learners, STEM, Counseling and National Board.

Who should attend the institute?

We invite educators from around the country in P-12, higher and post-secondary education and out-of-school community based organizations to apply. Seattle University offers a welcoming environment to learn, study and focus on diversity and global perspectives.






All on-site or hybrid classes will take place on the SU campus. Online course information will be sent prior to the start of class.


Registration Deadline: