Mark Roddy, PhD

PhD, Mathematics Education, University of Washington
MS, Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
BS, Mathematics, University of California, Riverside

Associate Professor, Teacher Education (MIT)

Phone: (206) 296-5765

Building/Room: Loyola 310


Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Roddy teaches mathematics / science pedagogy courses with an emphasis on active learning techniques. He teaches assessment methods for secondary teacher candidates. He teaches the capstone course for the Master in Teaching program as well as a course in mathematics for K-8 teachers. His research interests are currently centered on the dispositional issues connected with learning and teaching in mathematics and science, and with the associated issues of the application of these disciplines in the lives of students and teachers. (See his website, on "Mathematizing," for an informal introduction.)


Dr. Roddy has taught middle and secondary school mathematics. His current areas of interest include: mathematics, science, technology education and assessment, active learning in mathematics and science and the role of dispositional variables in the learning and teaching. He has served as the Puget Sound regional director for the Washington State Mathematics Council and currently directs the team project component of the WSMC's state high school mathematics contest. Dr. Roddy received a Fulbright Lecturing and Research Award for “Crossing Boundaries: Teaching Teachers to Use Technology that Will Enhance Student Learning in Mathematics and Science Education,” University of Limerick, Ireland September 2000 – February 2001. He will be on sabbatical teaching at the University of Western Sydney in Australia in the Fall of 2014.

Recent Grants and Awards

. Roddy is co-PI on two recently submitted NSF grant proposals aimed at increased support for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers in K-12 schools. Dr. Roddy was the 2013 recipient of the Richard P. Stucky award, given by the Washington State Mathematics Council to honor an outstanding contributor to the field of mathematics education.

Selected Publications

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