Master in Teaching

The Master in Teaching (MIT) program is designed and delivered based on collaboration among the College of Education faculty and the school community to prepare teachers to meet the educational demands of the 21st Century. First, a strong grounding in an academic field is essential for this program. Additionally, the program is infused with the ethical and value-laden issues inherent to the teaching profession.

The program curriculum includes comprehensive educational theory and research following the themes of individualization, ethical responsibility, and the use of technology as an essential educational tool. Through integrated course work and field experiences, students develop the insight and skills needed to be effective educators in a complex and technological world.

The program follows a cohort model where students learn together in a collaborative and supportive manner, much like effective K-12 schools. This highly integrated and team taught program models effective practice aligning K-12 field experiences with coursework on campus. The sequence of courses is as follows:

Block I (20 credits)

  • TEED 5010 Education for Social Change
  • TEED 5011 The Arts and Cultural Diversity
  • TEED 5012 Learners and Instruction
  • TEED 5023 Middle School Field Experience Seminar

Block II (16 credits)

One of the following:

  • TEED 5021 Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • TEED 5022 Middle/Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Block III (14 credits)

One of the following:  

  • TEED 5028 Teaching Internship (Elementary)
  • TEED 5029 Teaching Internship (Secondary)

Block IV (10 credits)

  • TEED 5035 Child Abuse and Related Issues
  • TEED 5040 Reflective Teaching Seminar
  • TEED 5041 Reflective Teaching for Social Justice Service Learning 

Total Program Credits: 60


There are two start times for the MIT program within an academic year. This determines when each block will be taken.

Entry QuarterBlock IBlock IIBlock IIIBlock IV
Fall Fall* Winter Spring Summer
Spring Spring* Fall* Winter Spring

*Begins three weeks prior to the University schedule.

The MIT program is full-time, with classes scheduled Monday-Friday. With a few exceptions, classes are scheduled from 9:00am - 3:00pm. During the time students are in the field, schedules will vary based on the schedules of the K-12 school sites.