Master in Teaching with Special Education Endorsement


Program Design

The Master In Teaching program with Special Education Endorsement integrates a well-respected preservice teacher education program with special education. Students in this full time program are prepared to teach in elementary or secondary general education classrooms and in special education settings, making graduates of the program highly desirable to school districts.

The sequence of courses blends general education and special education coursework with a variety of field experiences creating a highly integrated and cohesive program of study. 

The program's curriculum includes comprehensive education theory and research following the themes of individualization, ethical responsibility, and the use of technology as an essential educational tool. Internships in regular and special education classrooms put pre-service teachers in touch with the world as it is lived by their students.

Benefits of the MIT SPED program

  • Highly competitive program with strong reputation in K-12 schools
  • Educator Career Placement Center has a comprehensive process to assist graduates in job placement
  • Graduate degree places teachers at a higher pay scale while simultaneously achieving Washington state certification
  • 50% of time in the program is spent in the field

Why Special Education?

A special education endorsement prepares educators to work directly with students who have a range of disabilities, including learning disabilities, attention problems, behavioral concerns, developmental disabilities and autism. A special education endorsement qualifies a teacher to work with students from kindergarten through high school, in resource or specialized program settings. Nationwide, over 6,000,000 children are now being served in special education in public schools. Approximately 10 to 15% of the students within any school district will have special needs.

There a number of reasons to consider obtaining a special education endorsement as part of the MIT program. These include:

  • Teachers are prepared to address the unique learning needs of a wide range of students, including those with disabilities.
  • Working within the field of special education is interesting, meaningful, and fulfilling.
  • There is a high demand for teachers with dual endorsements, both within general education and special education positions.
  • The dual endorsement provides flexibility throughout your teaching career. Teachers with a dual endorsement can teach in a variety teaching settings, including general education, as their personal needs and professional interests evolve.
  • Scholarships, loan forgiveness and other forms of financial aid are available to students pursuing a special education endorsement.

Degree Requirements

The program follows a cohort model where students learn together in a collaborative and supportive manner, much like effective K-12 schools. This highly integrated and team taught program models effective practice aligning K-12 field experiences with coursework on campus. Students in  the MIT program spend about half their time in field experiences, first  observing and then as student teachers. This is a 6-quarter, 78 credit program that begins in the spring of each year.